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A True Medical Trauma Kit

Prepared Cascadia bags are the best – hands down. Our unparalleled medical trauma kits only include necessary, top-quality, and expertly selected items required in real emergencies. We trust our kits to help keep our own families safe and we take very seriously our commitment to helping keep you, your family, and your community well equipped and prepared.

See the Difference

 All of our emergency survival bags are designed to give you more control in chaotic situations or environments. Unlike other bags that weigh you down with unnecessary tools and poorly curated gear, Prepared Cascadia’s kits include true life saving items. The specificity and breadth of the items within our bags are what sets us apart. Not convinced? Check out the full content list when choosing the right Prepared Cascadia kit for you.

In the spirit of emergency first responder kits, our Emergency Essentials Kits prepare you for challenges in your home and on the road. Our kit’s primary use is to prepare you for a natural disaster but our trauma kits are also ideal for camping trips, home/office medical needs, and car kits in case your next road trip has some unexpected bumps.

We Live in the Real World

Our bags are brightly colored and easy to locate because apocalyptic zombies hunting us down isn’t an issue we tackle. We focus on real world concerns where it’s important that we make our kits as light as possible while still including essentials like water, shelter, and N95 masks.

We all know what hard times look like, and that’s why when designing our Emergency Essentials Kits we considered weight, necessity, and practicality.

emergency essentials kit