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Our story


In 2017, Prepared Cascadia founder Jacob Szeto was in search of a top-quality emergency go bag that would prepare his family for worst-case scenarios. What he found were kits stuffed with fillers, insubstantial first aid options, and substandard gear. Equally impractical, many go bags were filled with items for restarting civilization or surviving a zombie attack. Without any comprehensive, modern, and practical options out there, Jacob created his own custom kit. So began the story of Prepared Cascadia.   

The call to action was clear – inferior emergency kits needed a premium upgrade at a fair price. Jacob’s goal was to create top-tier go bags that truly prepared his family for emergencies.

Hours became days and days became weeks as Jacob researched and searched for the perfect emergency items to assemble superior go bags. At last, success!

Expertly curated kits came together and were distributed to family and friends. The emergency kits also spurred real conversations about preparedness. The conversations weren’t only productive but it became clear how unprepared and equipped everyone was to deal with emergencies, catastrophic or otherwise. Prepared Cascadia is committed to friends, neighbors, and the community to make world-class emergency essential kits.

 In any catastrophe, we all want to be prepared and feel confident that we’re ready to face the unexpected. That’s Prepared Cascadia’s pledge to our community and yours.