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Where to Store Your Emergency Kit

The reality is emergency supplies won’t do you any good if you can’t access them when a disaster strike. Where you keep your bag really depends on where you spend most of your time.


Our go bags are designed to help you with your immediate needs following an earthquake. An earthquake can strike at any time with little to no warning. In an ideal world, this would mean keeping your emergency bag on you at all times. Realistically this isn’t always possible for everyone.


Keeping an emergency kit in your most frequently used locations is a more viable option for most. These places can include homes, offices, and cars. To help with this evaluate where you spend most of your time each day. This is where you want to store your pack.


You will also want to evaluate how secure your storage location is. You won’t want to be digging your emergency bag out of rubble if you can avoid it. Store your bag in places like your garage or stable structure, braced for tremors at your home. Otherwise, keep your bag in a location where it can be easily accessed in a manner of seconds such as under your desk or the trunk of your car.



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