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Prepping Entertainment for Quarantine

A large portion of the country has found that their daily lives have been turned upside down due to the Coronavirus. Due to stay at home orders and quarantine recommendations more and more people are stuck at home with way more time on their hands than they are used to. In this circumstance prepping doesn’t just mean food and water, it also includes entertainment to keep your mind positive.

What do you do when the boredom sets in?

With so much more time at home, it's likely that many of us will exhaust our traditional options of TV streaming and internet scrolling. More and more companies, businesses, and independent sources are offering free resources to fill our time. We’ve gone ahead and broken down a few non-traditional options for when you’ve tried out your normal go-to's.


Quarantine and isolation mean a number of concerts and performances have been canceled. Some places like the Seattle Symphony are providing free broadcasts to their audiences. Billboard and Vulture also compiled an extensive list of live streams and virtual concerts available.

Try a new audiobook. Sources like Librivox allow you access to free public domain audiobooks. There are plenty of classics to keep you entertained for hours.


Sick and tired of the same old shows, switch it up by accessing a broad range of content.

Try watching performances from Broadway to Operas. The MET currently allows you to stream one free Opera per night. For a 23hr period starting at 7:30 pm EDT, the Met will offer a new presentation from their “Live in HD” series for streaming. Playbill, the well-known theater program creator has to together a list of 15 of the best Broadway shows stream-able on various platforms. This list includes shows like Rent, Cats, and Into the Woods.

Get your fill of cute animals. Zoo’s across the country have live webcams available for many of their animal enclosure. Check out the National Zoo’s cams, allowing you an up-close view of Giant Pandas, Elephants, Lions, and Naked Mole-rats. The San Diego Zoo allows you to view even more of their enclosures, from Polar Bears to Butterflies.

With more and more State and National parks closed to the public, you can escape your own home by taking a virtual tour of some of the Nation's most historic places. The National Parks Service has also compiled their own list of park activities you can do from home with activities, games, and resources for the whole family.


Get your hands dirty with a new project. No matter how you express your self, creating is one of the most rewarding activities you can do, especially at this time.

Access free coloring pages from libraries, archives, and cultural institutions around the world through The New York Academy of Medicine.

If you are the crafty type try sewing face masks. Crafting clubs like Crafters Against COVID-19 PDX are banning together to make non-medical grade masks for themselves and patients. Craft store Joann is even offering curbside pick-up in addition to free tools, supplies, and guidance for making masks. Contact your local store for details on participation.


Take the time to learn something new. Have a passion or interest you haven’t had time to dedicated? Now is the perfect opportunity.

Learn from some of the best. Check out Open Yale Courses. Yale University allows free access to a number of introductory courses online. Courses are taught by a number of well-distinguished professors. Classes cover a variety of topics, including finance, literature, and architecture to name a few.

Try taking on a new language. Doulingo is a free app that allows you to learn a second language at any time in any place, with both computer access and mobile apps.

Major publishing house Scholastic has created an online learning platform to help school-aged kids from Pre-K through Grade 9+, with home based learning.


Dedicate time and create healthy habits.  No matter what your preferred activity level new content is emerging daily. YouTube hold hours and hours of content created by fitness enthusiasts and trainers with exercises you can do from home for free. YMCA also offers On-Demand videos to help you continue your fitness journey.

Many paid providers are offering free content to fitness classes now as well. For example Golds Gym is offering free access to its app until May 31st, 2020, with hundreds of video and audio classes.


Even though many of us can't go into a library any more we can bring the library to us. Sites like Hoopla, allow you to instantly borrow ebooks for free using your local library card.


Take care of your mental health and give yourself a break. Nowadays there are plenty of meditation and therapy resources available online from your home. Try a meditation podcast like those from Meditation Oasis or Meditation Minis Podcast. Or get support through resources like Betterhelp for counseling and the Optimism app to help monitor your mental state.


If you find yourself truly struggling with your mental health reach out to the Disaster Distress Helpline. Call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 to connect with a trained crisis counselor. The hotline is open 24/7 and "provides immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster".



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